Need more customers?

Customers are the lifeblood of your business … LeadzHUB can help you find them! Our heart is to help, so we offer loads of 100% free services to small business owners in South Africa, no catch and no strings attached. Other services include running digital marketing campaigns which gets you fast results!¬†

Digital Advertising

Ever thought about advertising online, that you don’t know how to and that it would be expensive? Would you like to dramatically increase your client base and sales? If your answer is yes to all of these, you are in the right place! 

different digital advertising platforms
  • ¬†Advertise your products and services on one or multiple online platforms
  • Your ads will be highly targeted and appear exactly where your potential customers hang out online
  • You are in control of your marketing budget spend, no surprise bills
  • Get a massive amount of sales leads and dramatically increase your customer base
  • Obtain the competitive edge to other businesses in your specific area, who has the same or a similar offering¬†

Let's talk about it ...

Let's face it, if you are a small business owner in South Africa, things are tough. Perhaps you have been thinking what to do or where to start to stop your dwindling customer base and how to improve it. Maybe you are frustrated about your competitor down the road who offers similar products and services to yours, that your local area is just not big enough for the both of you.

The truth is that you need customers and lots of them in order to survive as a business. This is where LeadzHUB SA comes in. Let us talk about how to dramatically improve your customer base and get you the competitive edge that you deserve.

Digital Marketing Services & Solutions

Is your website old and not really used to attract and engage with customers? Is your website a mere online business card and nothing more? Allow LeadzHUB to show you what a valuable asset a website can be to your business. We will show you how to easily set up and create a quality website in no time, one that generates sales leads. Or LeadzHUB would be delighted to do it for you!